Our last publication at ACS Catalysis among the ACS editor’s choice articles


"Intracellular deprotection reactions mediated by palladium complexes equipped with designed phosphine ligands", authored by M. Martínez-Calvo, J. R. Couceiro, P. Destito, J. Rodriguez, J. Mosquera and J. L. Mascareñas, is our latest paper at ACS Catalysis.

Discrete palladium (II) complexes featuring purposely designed phosphine ligands can promote depropargylation and deallylation reactions in cell lysates. The performance of these complexes is superior to that of other palladium sources, which apparently are rapidly deactivated in such hostile complex media. This good balance between reactiv-ity and stability allows the use of these discrete phosphine palladium complexes in living mammalian cells, whereby they can mediate similar transformations. The presence of a phosphine ligand in the coordination sphere of palladi-um also provides for the introduction of targeting groups, such as hydrophobic phosphonium moieties, which facili-tate the accumulation of the complexes in mitochondria.

External link: https://pubs.acs.org/doi/10.1021/acscatal.8b01606