Our former PhD student, and 'Xunta de Galicia' postdoctoral fellow, David F. Fernández has been working for almost two years in the research group of the brand-new Nobel Laureate David W. MacMillan


David F., nowadays a postdoc researcher at MacMillan's lab, received his PhD on July 2019 under the supervision of Prof. Mascareñas, Dr. López and Prof. Gulías, at the University of Santiago de Compostela. In 2017, he also performed a short stay at MacMillan's lab during his predoctoral stage.

He has been conducting his postdoctoral research at Princenton since January 2020, under the supervision of Dave MacMillan, 2021 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, thanks to the funding from the 'Xunta de Galicia'. During 2+1 years duration of this fellowship he will complete his first postdoc stage, also under the cosupervision of Prof. Mascareñas.

External link: https://www.gciencia.com/ciencia/cientifico-lucense-no-equipo-do-nobel-de-quimica/