One further publication for this month, in collaboration with E. Vázquez and J. Martínez-Costas groups


Just continuing this beginning of 2020 year, we are very happy to share our last publication at Scientific Reports journal, entitled "MitoBlue as a tool to analyze the mitochondria-lysosome communication" and authored by M. I. Sánchez, Y. Vida, E. Pérez-Inestrosa, J. L. Mascareñas, E. Vázquez, A. Sugiura, and J. Martínez Costas.

MitoBlue is a fluorescent bisamidine that can be used to easily monitor the changes in mitochondrial degradation processes in different cells and cellular conditions. MitoBlue staining pattern is exceptional among mitochondrial dyes and recombinant fluorescent probes, allowing the dynamic study of mitochondrial recycling in a variety of situations in living cells. MitoBlue is a unique tool for the study of these processes that will allow the detailed characterization of communication between mitochondria and lysosomes.

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