Another review, now at Trends in Chemistry, is already available on-line


We are very happy to share our most recent review at Trends Chem., entitled "Metal-promoted synthetic chemistry within living cells" and authored by J. Miguel-Ávila, M. Tomás-Gamasa and J. L. Mascarenas, is already available through the journal website.

Abstract: The ability to perform 'new-to-nature' chemical reactions within living cells and organisms is transforming the way in which scientists interrogate and/or manipulate biological processes. In recent years, the toolbox of bioorthogonal and cell-compatible reactions has been enriched with the incorporation of transition metal-mediated processes. Whereas the efficiency of these reactions is still low, the breadth and generality of organometallic catalysis promises to significantly impact the field of bioorthogonal chemistry. Particularly attractive is the possibility of using organometallic catalysis for performing bond-forming, synthetically relevant reactions, as this could allow assembly of biorelevant products at specific biological sites.

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