Another collaborative paper for 2024, and our first JACS Au, is already available on-line


We are so proud to announce here that our collaborative research article at JACS Au, entitled "De Novo Engineering of Pd-Metalloproteins and Their Use as Intracellular Catalysts" and authored by S. Learte-Aymamí, L. Martínez-Castro, C. González-González, M. Condeminas, P. Martin-Malpartida, M. Tomás-Gamasa, S. Baúlde, J. R. Couceiro, J.-D. Maréchal, M. J. Macias, J. L. Mascareñas and M. E. Vázquez, has been accepted and it's already on-line (gold Open Access) also being selected as "Editors' Choice".

Abstract: The development of transition metal-based catalytic platforms that promote bioorthogonal reactions inside living cells remains a major challenge in chemical biology. This is particularly true for palladium-based catalysts, which are very powerful in organic synthesis but perform poorly in the cellular environment, mainly due to their rapid deactivation. We now demonstrate that grafting Pd(II) complexes into engineered β-sheets of a model WW domain results in cell-compatible palladominiproteins that effectively catalyze depropargylation reactions inside HeLa cells. The concave shape of the WW domain β-sheet proved particularly suitable for accommodating the metal center and protecting it from rapid deactivation in the cellular environment. A thorough NMR and computational study confirmed the formation of the metal-stapled peptides and allowed us to propose a three-dimensional structure for this novel metalloprotein motif.

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