Already on-line our first publication for 2019


Glad to announce our most recent publication at the Journal of the American Chemical Society in this brand new 2019 year, entitled "Palladium-catalyzed, enantioselective formal cycloaddition between benzyltriflamides and allenes: Straightforward access to enantioen-riched isoquinolines" and authored by X. Vidal, J. L. Mascareñas and M. Gulías, is already available as just accepted manuscript.

Benzyl and allyltriflamides can engage in Pd-catalyzed oxidative (4+2) annulations with allenes, to produce highly valuable tetrahydroisoquinoline or dihydropyridine skeletons. The reaction is especially efficient when carried out in presence of designed N-protected amino acids as metal ligands. More importantly, using this type of chiral ligands, it is possible to perform desymmetrizing, annulative C-H activations of prochiral diarylmethylphenyl amides, and thus obtain the corresponding isoquinolines with high enantiomeric ratios.

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