Already available our first publication at ACS Omega


Glad to announce our most recent publication at the ACS Omega journal, entitled "Rhodium(III)-Catalyzed Intramolecular Annulations of Acrylic and Benzoic Acids to Alkyness" and authored by D. F. Fernadez, N. Casanova, J. L. Mascareñas and M. Gulías, is already available.

Rh(III) catalysts can promote a formal (4 + 2) intramolecular oxidative annulation between acrylic or benzoic acid derivatives and alkynes. The reaction, which involves a C–H activation process, allows for a rapid assembly of appealing bicyclic pyran-2-ones and tricyclic isocoumarin derivatives in moderate to good yields. The α-pyrone moiety of the products provides for further manipulations to obtain relatively complex cyclic skeletons in a very simple manner.

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