Already available on-line our last publication in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.


The article "Rhodium‐catalyzed annulation of ortho‐alkenylanilides with alkynes: Formation of unexpected naphthalene adducts" by A. Seoane, C. Comanescu, N. Casanova, R. García-Fandiño, D. Xabier, J. L. Mascareñas and M. Gulías is already on-line as an accepted article.

Abstract: o‐Alkenyl‐N‐triflylanilides undergo Rh(III)‐catalyzed oxidative annulations with alkynes to produce different types of naphthylamides, in a process which involves the cleavage of two C‐H bonds. Remarkably, in addition to formal dehydrogenative (4C+2C) cycloadducts, the reaction also produces variable amounts of isomeric naphthylamides whose formation requires a formal migration of the alkenyl moiety from the ortho to the meta position of the anilide. Also interestingly, the annulation reaction can be efficiently carried out in the absence of external oxidants, such as Cu(OAc)2.

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